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Excuse Me? Literate and not Educated

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To be Literate or to be Educated - That's the question

While I always knew there was a very-very thin line between being educated and being literate and there were major overlaps of sorts happening in every part of our lives, but recently I came across a deadly of what can be called an educated mistake, literally.

Shuruat – All this started with the Delhi Metro reserving its first coach for the Ladies from the 1 Oct. Yes, reservation again and Ladies again and discrimination again – Sigh! But my point extends beyond such petty issues. Somehow I have got used to these small & big reservation movements and properly understood that the only one place I can seek and get a reservation are the railways and airways and I fight for these places only. So back to my point, while I was agitated with the whole blocking of an entire coach for the ladies, and with the ugly pink-stickers on the stations saying ‘Kewal mahilaye’, I just wanted that if such a reservation is made, let the rest of the coaches be ‘only-male’ and let ladies not enter those. And also, just for the sake of my understanding, thought that the reason behind such a move of the Delhi Metro was convenience and comfort and not anything else. However, in one such conversation with a colleague, I was told that ‘Safety & Security’ was another major concern. Though a little startled with this, I went on to ask why the women (in the metro) considered themselves prone and exposed to risk and un-safe conditions…what was it and who was responsible for it? And then the Cloudburst happened, and not demeaning any tragedy but I think, it was equally bad as the Leh Clouburst if not worse.

Shocked I was -I was told that all this effort was made to save women from getting raped. Yes Rape was the reason. And there I was thrown and ripped apart, soaked in sweat and blood, with the worst or best (still figuring out) reasoning heard ever. But while I was about to die of the shocker, an even more bizarre reasoning was thrown at me. And this move of the Delhi Metro was more so to save the Delhi women from getting raped by men from UP and Bihar. *faints*

Sick is the word for you, darling. And if this is the education levels of the so-called educated and elite Delhites then LORD Save the Delhi.

Right..we are for UP or Bihar and both for me…so how does that make us rapists. How? Does statistics say so? No, I don’t see any numbers proving that point. And I also know, it’s all in the mind. Guys, and especially dearest Delhites..We are from the same country and for God’s sake, understand that we eat, drink, and breathe what you do. Then why?

I am dead – Whatever good or bad may happen to the people of UP & Bihar…We are way ahead of you all when it comes to the mind. And we might not be literate..but we definitely are much-much more educated than you guys.

GOD bless you all!


4 thoughts on “Excuse Me? Literate and not Educated

  1. Bhai, nice post. I know the origin of this and we did discuss this too….Anyways cool dude…that person who made that statement is pissing a lot of ppl off lately…

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  3. well said bro.. i agree to u.. i think its high time for those so called educated people to get to know the fact and to update their so called knowledge dat dude get a life and b4 dat get all d facts and den speak up.. this artical of urs was a tight slap to those idiots who stil hav such kind of ugly outlook… gud work !

  4. Who the hell was the one who was talking all this crap?? Don’t we have enough ladies in our state that we’ll go and rape their girls? Wt an idiotic thing to do.. Also, does the delhi govt think that rapists do not travel in d first compartment of trains? hahah..lolz..

    I think the problem starts from the fact that we (UPites and BIHARIis) get more bollywood movies made on us than these sophisticated states/cities of INDIA… hence leading to such a biased mind set..

    Time to wake up people.. else in future this might lead us to may more kashmirs!!

    Awesome article bhai..keep pouring in.. Truly genuine and honest!! Good work!! 🙂

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