My Web Will

So that you have had a look at the video, here’s my web will.

Dare not touch my Twitter (@nitin_shukla)..that will be mine till eternity and even beyond that. I just love it. So dare not even touching it. One thing for sure will be missed on Twitter. My S.A.L.A.R.Y. ‘nautanki’ from the 25th to the 2nd of every month. I have this feeling and I am so sure that people will miss this nautanki of mine.

And my Facebook account…yes that needs to be taken care of. My profound deep, dark statements on my day-in and day-out of cubicle life.


My cubicle thoughts....!!!

And yes…the ever famous and favourite CID PJ’s of mine.

My CID PJ's....the only one thing that I am very very good at.

People will miss it for sure. So either someone takes care of it and take the legacy (sometimes I just speak too high of my self) forward or let the past remain and let people remember me for whatever little smile that I have contributed, if at all.

And my gmail id will be useless for anyone. Yes…I mean..except for the email alerts all useful, not-so-useful and some really useless facebook alerts, it has nothing else. It now has over some 1476 unread mail to be precise waiting to be read, knowing they would never be. Also, the 1400 plus unread mails are a clear evidence of me being lame or the mails being lamer (#MyEnglish) .

The last thing that I have on the WWW space is me being a rail fan and an IRFCA member. This is one of the most treasured things of my life. And my Yahoo id attached with the fan club. But I guess, this would again stand of no use to anyone cause it really takes real passion to have a passion for anything (P.S. This is #MyEnglish. It might be injurious to your health, ONLY).

And so this stands as my Web Will. This is all that I have on WWW ( and mind you…The W3C owes me for my selfless contribution to the web world). And the responsibility to execute it will depend on all those close to me. So, close people, close-up even further and do just the PERFECT job.

WEB WILL-NITIN SHUKLA: To be executed till the last word.