Bad Boss – Not always


You are fired...did you deserve it?

Sometimes one tends to think that s/he has got a bad boss…BUT…the real problem may be that you are a bad employee; and you might just don’t know it. This is particularly true in cases where one has a series of complaints about bad bosses and conflicts with him/her show a pattern—or the bosses make similar complaints about you. And if such is the case, rather than thinking about how to deal with a bad boss, think on how you might change yourself.

Most of the times, it is hard to recognize this situation because people, generally, don’t like to blame themselves for problems. One generally likes to take the credit when something goes well and thinks that the wonderful outcome is due to his/her abilities and actions. But when things go wrong, we seek to put the responsibility outside of ourselves and onto others, or to bad luck in general, so we don’t have to take the blame.

But if you want to overcome a problem that can seriously hamper your career progress, you have to make an effort to overcome this natural tendency to blame others rather than yourself. If you see a continuing pattern of bad boss problems, take some time to reflect on whether the problem might be you. Even when you first think you have a bad boss, particularly if you are the only one with this complaint, take a close look at yourself. Otherwise, you might be unlikely to recognize that you are the main source of the problem.

Given the pattern of repeated problems and bosses with similar complaints about the quality of your work, look more closely at yourself and at what your bosses have been telling you that you are doing wrong. Rather than focusing on your objections to the way your bosses have given you this information and feeling insulted and unfairly treated, you would do better to take a longer view as to how your own work may fall short so you can improve. If possible, ask your boss for more detailed and constructive feedback about what to do. Alternatively, think about how you might correct your work yourself, such as by paying more attention to what you are doing, reviewing what you are going to do while at home, practicing new tasks before you do them, or even making a game of routine work to make it more engaging and interesting so you can complete it more quickly and with fewer errors. Documenting what is going on might be helpful, too. If the problem really does lie with your boss, you will have that information to use in making your case about unfair or improper treatment or wrongful termination. Alternatively, this documentation can help you identify when you are doing something wrong so you can work on improving. Consider whatever you write as though it is a work improvement diary. As you identify what you are doing wrong, also include your efforts to improve and chart your progress. In short, don’t just chalk up your work problems to having a bad boss, especially when the problems keep occurring in different settings and different types of jobs. The real problem may not be the bad boss—it might be you! If so, work on fixing yourself rather than trying to come up with ways to deal with a bad boss who isn’t really that bad.

Today’s Take-Always

• If you have a pattern of problems on the job, consider the source of the problem. It may not be the bad boss—it may be you!
• It’s easy to cast blame on someone else, but it’s much harder to accept blame when the problem lies with you.
• It can be easier to accept blame for doing something wrong if you think of it as taking on responsibility.
• Is the problem you, your boss, or both? To fix the problem, you’ve got to understand it first.

Note: This post is inspired by a survival guide – how to work with a bad boss.


Letter to Dilliwaalo – Part 2

Dear Dilliwaalo

Pranaam yet again.

Ok let me tell you this, I had no plans to write a third letter to you, after my first two, Letter to Dilliwaalo, and Letter to ‘Oh My God’, but this forced me to. Yes, this is hilarious and true to the core; its just that I got this thing recently.

This thing is the Map of India. And this ain’t an ordinary map. This is YOUR MAP of INDIA. And believe me you, I didn’t make that. But whoever did it, it’s just so awesome – short, sweet and mapped. All credits of the picture to you – who-so-ever you are.

Dilliwaalo ka Map

For less humiliation that you might feel, I will not go through each and every state or rather your each and every thought about the states – only a select few. And I get t choose those few cause this is my blog. Hope you understand.

So lets start from the top. Caashmeer (I prefer calling it Jammu & Kashmir) is DANGER. Yaa, why not. Looking at the current scenario, it will definitely reinforce your belief that this place is the most dangerous place to be. Cant really blame it on you. Considering your mental capacity and the situation, a sound healthy mind like Shobha De can also go haywire. However, this has not always been the case and for once, this land was also known as the Heaven on Earth. Though everyone in the state has now learnt the almost forgotten, the primitive and most elementary route of resisting anything good – STONE PELTING, making it more of a hell and sending people to heaven straightaway, is altogether a different thing. And also, let me extend my whole-hearted thanks to very intelligent and super-great gentlemen like Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik et al, for bringing back the lost glory of the state – not forgetting the title sponsors – PAKISTAN.

Coming further down, its the states of UP & Uttranchal – The grand dads of India. But for you, its from where all the autowaale bhaiya’s come from. This might be true to a certain extent but not all. Yes, we are the largest and the biggest but we are better and way above what you guys think you are. Very recently I poured my heart out on your intelligence. Read it here – Educated or Literate. So everything having said and done, I will move on.

The current states of Gujarat & Rajasthan is Gujjar Meena belt which needs some strict highway patrolling. Recently, the complete Gujjar Meena belt were in the news because of their most aggressive demand of reservation. Yes, they also need some trains and reservation in them but they wanted reservation in whatever their government offers…whatever means, no jobs, toilets, seats, roads, news, views…anything. And yes, more recently they were in the news for CWG. No they did not partner Kalamadi but they partnered India to bring it to No#2 in the medals tally. But leave it, I know, YOU DON’T CARE.

Nepal is for domestic help. Agreed. They had the royal family and the rest scaled Mt. Everest, or are domestic help, or guard your homes. Agreed. I rest my point.

Moving to further east, yes, that’s the land of Chinky’s. You might not know how and why was this term coined but you use…cause you are just so cool. But wait, because I am a good man and God’s sent me on a mission to let the world know of the real Delhites…here it is. According to Wikipedia, Chink or sometimes Chinki is a racial slur referring mainly to a person of Chinese ethnicity but sometimes generalized to refer to any person of East Asian descent. But its ok…I understand. You’ve just got no time to get into the details. So done. Point made.

Gujarat- the land of Hindu extremists, Gandhi baba, Modi & BJP, Dandiya, earthquake and Dhokla. Am I forgetting something…no…or in fact yes….Jassi’s phamous song…Dil lai gayi…that has grooved numerous late night parties of yours.

Moving on, East & South East of India is the Land of Maos. All Lal Salams and kidnapping and killing happening. And everything below that is Madras. Yes there is a small place called Bangalore, now also called as Bengaluru. Now that is such a ‘suck-all’ name but can’t help. I didn’t do it.

So here I conclude my case and leave it on you to decide. But a bigger question, I think, for you will be, To Be Or Not To Be, the way you are.

Take Care.

Excuse Me? Literate and not Educated

Image courtsey -

To be Literate or to be Educated - That's the question

While I always knew there was a very-very thin line between being educated and being literate and there were major overlaps of sorts happening in every part of our lives, but recently I came across a deadly of what can be called an educated mistake, literally.

Shuruat – All this started with the Delhi Metro reserving its first coach for the Ladies from the 1 Oct. Yes, reservation again and Ladies again and discrimination again – Sigh! But my point extends beyond such petty issues. Somehow I have got used to these small & big reservation movements and properly understood that the only one place I can seek and get a reservation are the railways and airways and I fight for these places only. So back to my point, while I was agitated with the whole blocking of an entire coach for the ladies, and with the ugly pink-stickers on the stations saying ‘Kewal mahilaye’, I just wanted that if such a reservation is made, let the rest of the coaches be ‘only-male’ and let ladies not enter those. And also, just for the sake of my understanding, thought that the reason behind such a move of the Delhi Metro was convenience and comfort and not anything else. However, in one such conversation with a colleague, I was told that ‘Safety & Security’ was another major concern. Though a little startled with this, I went on to ask why the women (in the metro) considered themselves prone and exposed to risk and un-safe conditions…what was it and who was responsible for it? And then the Cloudburst happened, and not demeaning any tragedy but I think, it was equally bad as the Leh Clouburst if not worse.

Shocked I was -I was told that all this effort was made to save women from getting raped. Yes Rape was the reason. And there I was thrown and ripped apart, soaked in sweat and blood, with the worst or best (still figuring out) reasoning heard ever. But while I was about to die of the shocker, an even more bizarre reasoning was thrown at me. And this move of the Delhi Metro was more so to save the Delhi women from getting raped by men from UP and Bihar. *faints*

Sick is the word for you, darling. And if this is the education levels of the so-called educated and elite Delhites then LORD Save the Delhi.

Right..we are for UP or Bihar and both for me…so how does that make us rapists. How? Does statistics say so? No, I don’t see any numbers proving that point. And I also know, it’s all in the mind. Guys, and especially dearest Delhites..We are from the same country and for God’s sake, understand that we eat, drink, and breathe what you do. Then why?

I am dead – Whatever good or bad may happen to the people of UP & Bihar…We are way ahead of you all when it comes to the mind. And we might not be literate..but we definitely are much-much more educated than you guys.

GOD bless you all!

A Letter to ‘Oh My God’!

Dear Oh My God!

Dandwatt Pranaam.
(FYI-DandwattPranaam is saying hello in the complete inverted sleeping position. I do it on several occasions. It saves a lot of time…neend ki neend..pranaam ka pranaam..!!!)


Ok. So I am writing to you Lord, because some time back I did something grave; I wrote a letter, Letter to Dilliwaalo. The writing of the letter was not a mistake but the fact that I missed many peculiar habits of Dilliwala’s is such that since then, I have not been able to live peacefully. The sheer feeling of the fact that I left the world deprived of something which was so essential and important for the world to know, more from the social awareness point of view than anything else, had given me many sleepless nights. I am here to correct my misdeed and let the world know of the greatness, that is Dilliwaale. Allow Me pliss…!!!

So let me start, or rather re-start by saying that, for the sake of clarity, I have divided Delhi janta into Dilliawala’s and Dilliwaali’s. And I take this privilege to start with Dilliwala’s. Now, Dilliwalas have the most loose eye-sockets. It hangs out at least half a feet out whenever they see good smart hot pants belonging to the opposite sex. I understand that this frustrated and sexually-deprived breed cant be entirely blamed for this. There sexual deprivation was at one-point-of-time, the most talked about thing of Dilli after the deadly bluelines creating red-lines all over. Their sexual frustration made it to the national and international headlines. Also, Dilliwaali’s are a very good plush breed of hot pants; even I fall from them at times but I have restrained from them more-or-less.

The second point that I would lowe to make about the Dilliwala’s-Dilliwaali’s is that come what may, whether they have a proper place stay or not, they will try and have the most expensive car available. Also, whether there is parking space outside their palace (pun intended; did you get it? There is no practical possibility of a palace in Delhi; specially after the CWG happened to the city…but yaa, we can look at another fly-over, if you wish) or even in the vicinity, but that super car has to be there. And believe me you, my chotu car stands right besides that big big car—shining smiling bright.)

OK I am very very emotional now. ‘Oh My God’, please help me.

So my third point. This is not a point but my urge to you. Considering your limited of knowledge of the sub-continental geography (no it is in no way related to the sub-continental food), you must try and learn more and more about your country; yes, I am talking about India, that’s the name. I know that you have the Parliament House, The Rashtrapati Bhawan, The Qutab Minar, and The Metro; and now to you also have CWG, but all that is because your land is national capital. However, the world or for that matter our country is huge, large and great, and I think you should try and learn more about it. And this request of mine goes beyond knowing what you already know. For example, not every person who is from Noida or from any other part of the state of Uttar Pradesh or Bihar is a thief or can be used for a servant. In fact to learn more about these states, start with going through google maps and finding out where exactly these two integral part of the country lie. There is more to UP than just Noida and Taj Mahal and more to Bihar than Lalu Yadav.
And yes, both these states, specially Bihar, may be the labour colony of the world. But this is not because its their fault or mis(h)take. Its just that our political masters chose to bring some of us to the level that you are and some were deprived.

With this, I rest my case ‘Oh My Lord’. Now it is for you to decide the guilty. [oho bhai….ye too much ho gaya!]

Aapka param bhakt!

Letter to Dilliwaalo

Dear Respected Dilliwaalo,

Yeah...I am the KING...and excuse me...who's NAKED?

I write to you on behalf of the Rest of India (which definitely does not include the phamous thok-re’s of Maharashtra. They are above and beyond mediocrity which is an integral character trait of an average normal Indian). Let me make something very-very clear that this is not a Delhi bashing trip in any way. It’s just to let you what the Rest of India had always wanted to tell you but just could not because we were so stuck with our own problems that we did not get the opportunity to express our deep heartfelt feeling. Also, by what I know of Delhi and its responsible, loving and caring residents, the rest of India for them does not extend beyond Jaipur (Rajasthan), Noida, Agra (UP), and Gurgaon, Chandigarh (Haryana). Or else they skip the entire length and breadth of India to reach Bombay (aahh…sorry Mumbai I meant); no Bangalore stands no chance and Madras is anyways out of India into the Indian Ocean, close to Sri Lanka. For a detailed and more elaborate look at the India through eyes of a Delhite, have a look at this. And believe me, all this is not made up but a confession made by many Delhites I have now known for years.

So now that I have set the context straight, let me start.

Let me put first things first and make one point very clear. Delhi was not made the capital of India because this place or its residents (read as YOU) were extra-qualified or you emerged as the winner of some popularity contest.
Someone somewhere decided that you shall get everything and you got. Also, if you pay a little detailed attention to the structure and infrastructure you have, only the Bahai’s temple (Lotus Temple) and the Delhi Metro are the only two things that are post-independence landmarks in the city. So this ends here.

Also, while I totally understand that you are the most educated and elite class of people who GOD has ever produced (I love to believe what you believe; and this is just to make yourself comfortable). However, without going by the word, one thing that caught my attention on 22 Aug. 2007 1400 hrs, is that the main way of addressing people here is with the greeting B***C***” [will now be referred to as pain-cho] (no offense; I personally am a ‘once-in-a-while’ abuser and that extreme points like these come annually into my life). This is the most-frequently-used word in Delhi and should be used multiple times even in a 10 word-long sentence. It’s considered rude if you do not start a conversation with this word. Some examples for your reference: pain-cho mood kharab kar diya in pain-cho ne. And this ends here.

Now coming to the brighter side of Delhi. Brighter side because Delhi has been most in the news for all these reason. Delhi recently won some international award for largest no. of rapes within city limits and most chaotic traffic system. Also, something which is still called the ‘Lifeline of Delhi’ more so because it keeps a check on the life’s of Delhites – BLUELINE which consists of city buses and whose job is to take people from one place to the other; even from the Earth to heavenly abode. The last thing of Delhi that I can remember are the ever-phamous Momos on every crossing.

And last but in no ways the least, presenting before you – Dilli ki sardi and garmi. Now this interesting; kids in Delhi have their counting from 0 – 48 intact and on finger-tips. It’s because it’s the range of temperature that teaches you and can make you a master at it, within just 4 months. FREE FREE FREE

Ok and I also wanted to mention about the Delhi MMS clip and the joy’s attached to it. But never mind…next time.
Kyunki…picture abhi baaki hai mere dost..!!!

And yes before you thank me for the enlightenment, I shall do it.

Thank you,

Aapka agyakaari mitr

And I am so sure you will thank me for all the above enlightenement!!

My Web Will

So that you have had a look at the video, here’s my web will.

Dare not touch my Twitter (@nitin_shukla)..that will be mine till eternity and even beyond that. I just love it. So dare not even touching it. One thing for sure will be missed on Twitter. My S.A.L.A.R.Y. ‘nautanki’ from the 25th to the 2nd of every month. I have this feeling and I am so sure that people will miss this nautanki of mine.

And my Facebook account…yes that needs to be taken care of. My profound deep, dark statements on my day-in and day-out of cubicle life.


My cubicle thoughts....!!!

And yes…the ever famous and favourite CID PJ’s of mine.

My CID PJ's....the only one thing that I am very very good at.

People will miss it for sure. So either someone takes care of it and take the legacy (sometimes I just speak too high of my self) forward or let the past remain and let people remember me for whatever little smile that I have contributed, if at all.

And my gmail id will be useless for anyone. Yes…I mean..except for the email alerts all useful, not-so-useful and some really useless facebook alerts, it has nothing else. It now has over some 1476 unread mail to be precise waiting to be read, knowing they would never be. Also, the 1400 plus unread mails are a clear evidence of me being lame or the mails being lamer (#MyEnglish) .

The last thing that I have on the WWW space is me being a rail fan and an IRFCA member. This is one of the most treasured things of my life. And my Yahoo id attached with the fan club. But I guess, this would again stand of no use to anyone cause it really takes real passion to have a passion for anything (P.S. This is #MyEnglish. It might be injurious to your health, ONLY).

And so this stands as my Web Will. This is all that I have on WWW ( and mind you…The W3C owes me for my selfless contribution to the web world). And the responsibility to execute it will depend on all those close to me. So, close people, close-up even further and do just the PERFECT job.

WEB WILL-NITIN SHUKLA: To be executed till the last word.

Mind your langauge

Though my parents made it a point that WE (Me n Bhai-bada bhai) go to the best of school in town and get the best of the angrezi education possible, they just could not do it. Not that they completely failed but the language grew faster than both of us combined together. But all kudos to them for they taught us everything including how to save ourselves from the burning humiliation that we had to go through every time we listened to that excessively disgracing (P.S. disgracing for us) YO and HIP and upbeat English of the times. But to my belief, these YO and HIP and upbeat English speakers (clarification: There is no such YO and HIP and upbeat English. This is my way of telling and letting people know THAT I KNOW) had a hidden agenda – camouflage the reality of what they actually are speaking; just like one of those fail Anu Malik shayari’s that he overplays and tries to hide the non-sensical bit of it behind the even more irritating yodeling that he does always. (FYIP: I have announced a Rs. 10,000/- grand prize to someone who kills Mr. Malik; believe me, that’s what a human life is worth for in India.Ref: Compensation for Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims).

So back to what I was actually writing. My office has several flat-screen televisions suspended on our walls. In order to stay on top of latest global developments, these TV sets are tuned to business and general news channels round the clock. And the moment a news story flashes across on any of the screens, watchful bosses leap out of their chairs screaming: “Oh my god! Dhoni got married or engaged or hooked or what ever or another CRPF battalion burned in another maoists attack.”

So one fine day (there are a few such days), I was walking past one such TV screen I heard a pundit on a business channel say something that almost caused my brain to explode. I don’t exactly remember what the gentleman said, but it was something like this:

“We expect range-bound intermediate mid-course upswings that will potentially go through a bear-flag phase before gaining momentum and testing the index’s upper support levels, at which point it will create a massive scalar elementary particle, as predicted by the Standard Model, known as a Higgs boson.”

I mean dude…What was that?? Was it the usual international forces trying their best to have me eliminated or what.

Mind Your Language...Believe me...Sometimes you really need to

Also, recently I got hold of some really weird emails. These were from a firms senior management to its employees. A communication from the CEO about salary hikes was written in the most ambiguous prose. The 300-word email spoke about how “increasingly compounding market pressures” and “supply-demand mismatches” were leading to a “short to medium-term rethinking of cash-flow prioritization” which could be reflected in the company’s “rewards mechanisms”.

This meant, of course, that all work ground to a halt while employees frantically flipped through dictionaries trying to decode the missive. The productivity loss could have only compounded market pressures.

What the CEO should have emailed instead is this:

“Dear employees,
Reg. salary hikes: ROFLMAO!
We’re broke. Please retweet.
Thanks, CEO”

Or else, the CEO could have told the employees how bad things really are, they might have had a panic and may also have though badly of him, his family or both, but they would not have said that you weren’t honest.

All I want to say is there can be a better way of communicating things. Sometimes the best use of language might force people to act in a funny and weird way. And specially, people like me, these so-called English language experts should especially take care of.